Web for iPhone 5 – the Future of the Web

October 30, 2016 - 2 minutes read

Web for iPhone 5 – the Future of the Web

Apple’s newest phone, the iPhone 5, was announced yesterday and it will be available to the public on September 21st. The biggest change for web designers to be aware of is the new screen dimensions. While app developers will have to make updates for their apps to run in full screen, our websites will simply have more available screen real estate. Web designers should be aware of what will be displayed before scrolling (what is above the fold) and how to update the start-up image for your web app.

With a larger screen than previous iPhone, the 1136×640 resolution means that designers will have to refocus their efforts on making the most of this new screen real estate. With screen dimension standards no longer existing, fluid websites will become far more important. Your design should, of course, be tailored to all mobile providers and devices, but it’s hard not to ignore the iPhone 5 as the market leader. It’s also well worth embracing retina display and ensuring your graphics and images are up to spec, as this technology is being rolled out across the Apple range, including on the new Mac Book Pro. Ensuring you keep ahead of the game will make your company stand out in front of your competitors and keep those with the latest equipment keen to visit your website more regularly.

Apple has lifted the face of electronic devices such as mobiles and tablets. With the launch of iPhone and iPods, more people have started to connect to the internet through their mobile devices. The Android and Blackberry phones also contribute a large chunk of web traffic. However, iPhone were the pioneers and its customer base is increasing at a rapid rate. If you are a small business owner or entrepreneur and are trying to reach out to these potential customers, it is very important to have a mobile website targeting the iPhone 5 users. With the recent launch of iPhone 5, customers perceive an opinion that the mobile device is a prestigious option. It is believed that iPhone are going to shape up the future of mobile internet.

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