6 Basic Design Elements

October 30, 2016 - 4 minutes read

6 Basic Design Elements

When it comes to design a website every designer has different idea and approach. But there are few elements every website should include.
Today we’re taking a look at six elements you should priorities on your website,Here are the elements that every designer uses for his design except if he doesn’t have any special requirements from client:

  • Space
  • Great images
  • Search area
  • Call-to-action
  • Contact information
  • Easy navigation


It is really important for designer to think about being clear with their layouts. We are creating websites for viewers attention, whether they are purchasing something or reading a blog. A good way to deliver a pleasant experience on the websiteis understanding more about whitespace and how you can use it to create a nice, simple and elegant design. A proper and consistent use of spacing can improve readability and website performance. As a designer you should use similar spacing for similar elements. The amount of space between lines in a section should be the same, as should the amount of wrap around images.

Great Image

Photos play animportant part in defining our first impression about the website, but they can also tell us what the site is about and can be a huge factor in earning trust. Photos are important part of website design, photos can be embed in design very easily. As a designer you should keep this in mind that user want to see images on website but it should be relevant to the website, using wrong photos can degrade your users’ experience.

Search area

If you are designing an ecommerce website which will have thousands of products, you must have search box for user where he can type and search directly for his preferred product instead of going through navigation.


Call to action in web design — is a term that used for elements in a web page that try to ask an action from the user. Good call to action pages are very important part of any website that either sells or ask visitors to signup.
Today, CTA is most important part of the web design then the past “Click here??? button. It has to align with page content and customer needs; it should take customer to next page quickly and easily. There is plenty of call to action on the websites that you have visited, like free trail, call us or contact us.

Contact Information

Contact us element is most important part of the any web. While designing you should take care of contact page placement, it should be in the main navigation or at some visible place where visitor can find it easily.

Easy Navigation

Just about every website has some form of navigation. Navigation is most important part of design it has a big role in success or failure of a website, easy and user friendly navigation can take visitor quickly to his desired page. A good navigations design should show all the important services and necessary company details.

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